The Dramatic Genius of Charles Fuller

An African American Playwright

Charles Fuller is a pre-eminent American dramatist. The Dramatic Genius of Charles Fuller is an accessible and appropriate introduction to the mind of Fuller for those who know his work and those who do not. For an author who did not set out to be a Pulitzer Prize winner but rather one who would use every dimension of his multifaceted life to dramatize the narratives of African American people he has succeeded in being an influential voice in the dramatic arena.

Clearly not enough critics have examined Fuller seriously and in some ways his work, like that of other black writers, often has fallen outside the gaze of contemporary literary and dramatic writers even though he has received some of the highest awards in the nation. In fact, in 2015 the Dramatists Guild of America gave Charles Fuller the Flora Roberts Award in recognition of his distinguished body of work.

In this book, Molefi Kete Asante the most prolific contemporary African American writer brings a critical reading and sympathetic location of Fuller’s drama to the center of American dramatic and social history. Anyone who teaches drama or who performs or produces African American drama should use this book as a supplemental reading for theater and literary classes at the undergraduate level. Serious scholars of the philosophy of African American drama can use the book at the graduate level. In Theater, English or African American Studies the book is sure to be used in the classes on African American Drama or Theater, Black Writers, and The History of American Drama.


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