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“Startlingly brilliant, a new talent is born, mature in concept, written beautifully with a powerful call to readers to find their way to themselves!”
MolefiKete Asante,author of 400 Years of Witnessing: A Memoir of a People 1619-2019
“Seventeen Dry Seasons” is a unique work that offers a colorful tale from an Afrocentric perspective. The cultural touches to the story make it nuanced and expressive, and its moral leaves you feeling moved and inspired to make the world a better place.”
Cheyanne Rosier,author of Untamed

As African people, we know that children are the future and the foundation of lived experiences and our ancestral memories. Tamu reminds us that despite the turmoil, fear and chaos around us, we are still grounded in our purpose and that is not lost on our children. Stunning and captivating! Let the children lead!

Ayo Sekai,author of Afrocentric Before Afrocentricity


At the heart of this novel is a great concern with the current ecological crisis. The main assumption that drives the text is that it is imperative for human beings to have more appreciation and respect for nature, if we wish to reverse the current ecological imbalance. More specifically, it explores the role of African spirituality in restoring humans’ relationship with nature and bringing back a sense of balance and reciprocity in human dealings with their environment. This message is carried out through Akosua, a young 17-year-old girl from Barbados who, after being called into her under-water palace by the Yoruba goddess of the Ocean, Yemanja, embarks on a journey around the world to deliver Yemanja’s stern warning to human beings. As she carries out her mission, Akosua discovers her self, and her mission on Earth. Thus, interwoven in the story is Akosua’s personal journey of self-discovery as a young African woman.


TamuMazama is a brilliant Afrocentric 17 year old whose imagination is incredibly powerful. She sings, writes her own lyrics, and has performed in the PHILADELPHIA area and in Africa, Brazil, and Europe.


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