This superb book will be a landmark in African studies because the scholars who have undertaken the task of telling their own social sciences, humanities, and literary narratives have displayed a sharp and penetrating engagement with history, politics and culture in such a powerful manner that one cannot read these chapters without claiming them to be the gold standard in contemporary thinking.



Daryl B. Harris is an associate professor and former chair of political science at Howard University. He was the recipient of a 2014-2015 Fulbright Distinguished Research Award. The scholarly focus of his teaching and research is the philosophical underpinnings of Black political phenomena. His work combines methods of Africological and political analyses with the goal of advancing Afrocentric understandings of the world. Harris has taught Black Politics and political theory courses, first at the University of Connecticut and then at Howard University, his current institutional affiliation since 2003.


A Pulitzer-Prize winning writer of books, articles, and original stories for film, Michael D’Antonio has published more than a dozen books, including Never Enough, a 2015 biography of presidential candidate and billionaire businessman Donald Trump. Described variously as “luminous,” “captivating,” “momentous” and “meticulous” Michael’s work is renowned for its clarity, balance, and thoroughness.
In 2016, Michael became a regular contributor for CNN, both on-air and on their website. His pieces can be read here:


Mazama is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Black Studies. Well known as an educational consultant for the infusion of African content in American schools Mazama has written several books for teachers in addition to her major scholarly works in Afrocentric philosophy and theory. Her scholarly works critique domination and hegemonic philosophies, reveal the cultural, linguistic, and religious bases of Caribbean culture, and examine methods of establishing an ethic of justice and equity.


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