Got Math

“Learning is my responsibility when I take ownership for what I am learning.”
The Polk County School Board, Florida, through the 21ST CENTURY COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTER program published two books through Universal Write Publications LLC in order to help student learners see their progress in a tangible product. Participants are asked to draw from their background of interests to help others find their voice to engage families, students, and staff in the process of writing that will leave a legacy of who they are for years to come.

Participants in these two book projects include students from six Polk County middle Schools who were introduced to two writing projects completed by students, parents, and staff of the Polk County Public Schools Building Bridges 21st CCLC program that took responsibility and focused on improving math, writing, and reading concepts. The new knowledge that were expected to be gain as a result of these projects, is how easy it is to help students, parents, and staff publish their writing in a variety of genres and content areas through school projects; use grant programs or events in order to build resume, confidence and opportunities for professional development learning and teaching formats. “Building Creative, Fun, and Engaging Writing Projects into Afterschool” is a hands on, highly interactive approach to teaching outside the box.

Teachers can include these practices, formats and ideas into their learning plans and will be able to brainstorm a variety of writing projects that will engage and excite students, parents, and teachers in their after school programs to build literacy and numeracy skills. All students, parents, and teachers will benefit from lessons learned through these unique and creative learning practices. Students are provided opportunities to learn project management skills while working as teams of writers.

These books, GOT MATH & I Remember are not for sale. As a tribute to Dr. Brenda Kearse (deceased), who was a pioneer, visionary and intellectual scholar for these works for, by and with children in Polk County Florida, these books are part of our CHEYANNE BOOK SERIES and with approved request, will be donated to schools, children, parents or libraries.

For consideration, send the name of your institution, library, afterschool program, non-profit, special event in your mailed proposal request. Included should be:

1. Proposal & Purpose for request
2. How will this/these books be used
3. Do you have a syllabi in which you will use these books for teaching and learning
4. Is there a specific project that you will apply them to
5. Flyer/Brochure if applicable

UWP LLC must be noted in your advertising (whatever media or platforms you use), as a philanthropic partner and our image, name or likeness must be represented.

Contact for questions or more information.

Mail all information to:
Universal Write Publications LLC
421 8th Avenue, Suite 86
New York, NY 10116


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