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Though we strive for scholarship, academic rigor, thought-provoking research, and trendsetting scholarship under our imprint The Academy, we also want to engage with the heart, soul, and character of the diaspora through our imprint UWP.  To do this, we hope to bring you lively stories that connect the validity of our publications, show how what we read, write, and feel transcend all aspects of our culture and communities.

We hope to show you from time to time, how our authors are doing and what they are up to since their publications and the relativity of their work. We hope also, to show you some of what we are doing behind the scenes at events as well as maybe share some of your letters, thoughts, and feedback on your experiences with our authors, our books and even ideas on what’s trending, what you think may be missing in the world of writing.

We thank you for visiting and supporting what we do.

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