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“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”
― James Baldwin

The Cheyanne Book Series is inspired by the work of Cheyanne Rosier, who at 7 years old, wanted to make a difference through being different, through bullying, through intellectual and psychological and sometimes physical terror by teachers and peers in marginalized spaces, just because she had the tenacity and audacity to STAND OUT.

This intrinsic hunger and aspiration is the core foundation of the CBS Book Series just for children and young adults, WRITTEN BY children and young adults with a mission and vision for change, who rise up from the belly of the diaspora, and live unapologetically though the written word. The ideas of the young are a springwell for succession planning of the next generation of scholars, change makers, educators, politicians and international ambassadors. Investing in this 501c3 is for their future and for ours. Children ages 10-19 years old (middle and high school) can become published authors in order to transcend the confines of their minds, their communities, and their cities and make an impact on and for their lives and our community. This Program is not just meant to have young adults write stories. It is meant to take them rise beyond the surface of mediocrity, build and nurture their natural genius to instill strategic, analytical and creative skills to prepare them for high academic and lifelong achievement. These publications are teaching tools, and used as products for financial planning, college and business investments of each scholar.

We seek to work with schools and educations to identify qualified young scholars. Contact us at for more information. We are building a space to partner with and coordinate with various entities to grow and sow into our collective communities. Interested in collaborating with book venues, book clubs, children’s networks, spoken word orgs, libraries and other venues to provide a platform of purpose for our young trendsetters.

We urge you to become a volunteer. If you are an attorney, grant writer, business minded community member and want to give back. For more information about our seed investment in children writing our future, contact Our network is our networth! Lets give our children strength to imitate so our voices are not muted.