My Father’s Glory by guest poet Ayo Sekai on THE CRITICAL THINKER

I am a poet. A lover of words. I have written poetry to express my heart, my pain, my passion and my disappointments, both personally and what I see and experience in the world around me. I am now sharing these and you will see that they are dated, which I left to keep the context and integrity of work. I am so honored to have the opportunity to be a weekly guest blogger on Marc A. Medley the Critical Thinker. Thank you Marc A. Medley for providing this platform <3 This one was written in 1994. Reference Blog

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We are putting together a resource manual of Black Scholars who are Black centered and focused on the issues of our Black and Brown community. I found that in many instances, especially as a student we cannot find Black scholars to cite, we don’t know where they are or who they are because we are not taught in the schools. Result: Black scholars DO NOT get cited Black voices are NOT perpetuated and become invalidated Black ideology is unsubstantiated Black people play an unintentional role in our agency reduction EVERY SCHOLAR should self nominate EVERY SCHOLAR you think is missing...

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Advisory Board Member Paula Lezama publishes book chapter and speaks at conference on Decolonization

This past Monday, February 25th, I had the opportunity to be a participant and a discussant at the Conference entitled, “Decolonization in Thought & Practice: Europe and the Americas Otherwise.” The conference organized by the Institute for the Study of Latin America and the Caribbean (ISLAC), at the University of South Florida (USF). Among others, indigenous and Afrodescendant leaders from Colombia and Brazil arrived to share and discuss the colonial legacies that continue to subjugate them and their active struggles to overcome them. Many of the topics were in tandem with the focus of Universal Write Publications (UWP), which seeks...

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