Advisory Board

UWP Advisory Board is comprised of distinguished professionals in their respective fields, from the academy, government, private sector, non-profits and authors. Bringing more than one hundred years of experience collectively, with a minimum of a Masters Degree, the Advisory Board is a body that provides non-binding strategic advice to the acquisition, marketing, social media trending and management advise to the publishing entity. The Advisory Board is mostly informal with greater flexibility in structure and management compared to the Peer-Reviewed Board.

The CEO and Publisher brandishes the ultimate governance, final decision and authority of and for the organization in totality. Product acquisition decision, review of manuscripts and publication of manuscripts within the ACADEMIC Imprint rests heavily on the Peer-Review Board. Advisory Board/Committee Members are volunteers formed to give advise without any formal legal responsibly or decision-making authority. However, members are able to focus narrowly on a specific program in order to advise or support the organization. Members are given opportunities to review, edit, revise and suggest acquisition of products within the UWP Imprint and publications within the CBS group. Advisory Members also assist with managing human resources and influence regulatory direction.

The Advisory Board is composed and fortified in its structure to provide guidance and serve as a tremendous ally in the quest for superior governance of Universal Write Publications.