THE ACADEMY is UNIVERSAL WRITE PUBLICATIONS, LLC Peer-Reviewed imprint for accelerating the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of books, academic anthologies, chapters, research articles, and individual papers using an open access model. Here, we hope to promote pedagogy for teaching and learning that will enhance our schools from kindergarten to terminal degrees, from peer mentoring to the professorate.

We hope that UWP/Academy and the publications we produce will resonate with a high frequency that perpetuates the fortitude and gravitational foundation of ancestry, history and legacy of the diaspora; and that our scholars will educate and propel beyond the quagmire of societal crises, to bring awareness and illuminate the consciousness of our postmodern culture. Through our pedagogy of modeling doctrine, we seek out exceptional academics, orators, and educators with unsurpassed character and high esteem for those within our marginalized communities. Influencers who reach across the continental bridge and divide, in order to exemplify the dignity exhibited by great intellectuals of Black Studies, Afrocentric Theory, African Studies and Culture. This mission is imperative in order to impact change in our political climate by utilizing all genre of literary platforms to systematically repair and impact all that make up our collective cognizance.

We seek to strengthen the voices that blend the richly illustrated, appealing and diverse scholarship that reflect our humanity. This journey is one of growth, evolutionary change and call and response of each one, teach one. It is a combination of collective resources that implement the literary effort to perpetuate and tell the story of the genius of dogged determination.

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